Presiden’ts Biography

Edmund P. Finamore, P.E.

Mr. Finamore is presently founder and President of Valutech Solutions, a management consulting firm specializing in utility applications including outage management, CIS and AMI. He has worked with many utilities pursuing implementation of AMI.  Prior to forming Valutech Solutions in 2001, Mr. Finamore served as Vice President of Corporate Development for Tensleep Corporation, a publicly traded technology company.

Mr. Finamore is a recognized authority on utility automation and AMI, with over 40 years of experience in utility and related high technology environments. Over a lengthy career, Mr. Finamore has presided over many automation projects and while at Duquesne Light Company implemented a fixed network AMI system that was among the most advanced, fully integrated systems in the world.

During his years at Duquesne Light, Mr. Finamore managed or participated in many utility automation projects, including extensive work on customer information systems (CIS), outage management systems, and re-engineering of the new business process. Under his pioneering leadership, Duquesne Light succeeded in integrating its network AMI system with the company’s outage management system, which significantly improved outage response time by identifying outages down to the meter level in near real time, the earliest known application of this type. Mr. Finamore also played a leading role at Duquesne in restructuring the company for utility deregulation and into a process based organization.

A well respected thought leader on smart metering issues and technology, Mr. Finamore has authored many articles on utility automation and AMI, and has pioneered the commercial use of certain network technologies developed for mission critical smart metering functions. He has received electrical engineering and MBA degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, and is a licensed professional engineer in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.