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At Valutech Solutions, we stay abreast of developments in the energy industry. Frequently, we will list interesting articles, to enable our clients and site visitors to better understand the industry, energy markets, new technologies and the regulatory environment. Please note that some sites require that you set up a free account to access these articles.

AMI/Smart Grid: The Centerpiece of the Intelligent Utility
by Edmund P. Finamore, P.E.


Metering International Magazine, Issue 2 2009by Edmund P. Finamore, P.E.

2013: A Year For Demand Response
Utility Horizons, December 2012by Edmund P. Finamore, P.E.

Outage Management: A Long and Winding Road
ElectricEnergy T&D MAGAZINE, MARCH-APRIL 2012 Issueby Edmund P. Finamore, P.E.

Metering International Magazine, ISSUE – 4 | 2012by Edmund P. Finamore, P.E.

Meter Data Management Systems: The Hot New Application For Utilities Considering AMI
Metering International Magazine, June 2007by Edmund P. Finamore, P.E.

Energy Law and Metering; The Energy Policy Act One Year LaterEnergyBiz Magazine, September/October 2006
by Edmund P. Finamore, P.E.

Maturing AMR Market Drives Industry ConsolidationMetering International Magazine, July, 2006by Edmund P. Finamore, P.E.

AMR/AMI: A Win-Win Situation for Utilities, Suppliers and Customers?
Electric Energy T&D Magazine, January/February, 2006
by Edmund P. Finamore, P.E.

The Opposite of Disintegration?
Energy Central EnergyBiz Online, November 11, 2005
by Edmund P. Finamore, P.E. and Mike Smith, Sr. VP Research & Analysis Division

Pain Vs. Promise:AMR’s Long Journey to Mainstream Acceptance
Utility Automation & Engineering T&D Magazine January/February, 2005
By Edmund P. Finamore, P.E.,

Demand Response Rebound
Hart’s Energy Markets    April, 2004By Ed Finamore, President, Valutech Solutions

Integrated Outage Management: Leveraging Utility System Assets Including GIS and AMR for Optimum Outage Response
Electric Energy T&D Magazine    January, 2004By Ed Finamore, President, Valutech Solutions

Energy Saving Benefits of Real-Time Technology
World Energy Engineering Congress, Atlanta GA—November, 2003By Ed Finamore, President, Valutech Solutions and Gerald R. Mimno, CEO, Advanced AMR Technologies LLC

Time for Time-of-Use-Rates?
Energy Markets     April, 2003
By Ed Finamore, President, Valutech Solutions

Metering Strategy—Long Term Choices in Uncertain Times
DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition 2003      February, 2003By Stephen C. Hadden, Vice President, Plexus Research

Outage Reporting—An Emerging Benefit of Advanced AMR
Electric Light & Power      January, 2003By Ed Finamore, Valutech Solutions

Utilities offering AMR meter services, web-based data to generate revenue, study finds

Utility Automation      July 10, 2002
Your money or your life: Things you didn’t know to ask about AMR contracts

Electric Light and Power      June 2002
By Stephen C. Hadden & Ralph E. Abbott, Plexus Research Inc.
SCADA for electric power market expected to grow 6.1% annually

Utility Automation      March, 2002
New in-home energy management system provides capacity without building new power plants

Utility Automation      Feb. 27, 2002
Peak Load Management Alliance releases demand response policy paper

Utility Automation      Feb. 27, 2002
Utilities report deploying more than 10 million AMR units

Utility Automation      Jan 7, 2002
EEI Members Use Load Management to Improve Reliability and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Utility Automation
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Electricity Forum
Energy News Data Corporation
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Electric Power Research Institute
Center for the Advancement of Energy Markets
Department of Energy
Edison Electric Institute
Energy Information Administration
International Association of Energy Economics
Automated Meter Reading Association
Metering International


Advanced Metering System—A utility metering system that is capable of measuring interval or time based energy consumption. Often called Advanced Metering Infrastructure, or AMI.
Automated Meter Reading—A system or process which includes the collection, delivery and processing of meter reading information
Demand Response—The application of available load and price response mechanisms to balance energy demand and supply
Distributed Generation—Independent power generation sources that are located throughout a utility’s distribution network.
ERCOT—Electric Reliability Council of Texas
ESCO—Energy Service Company
FERC—Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
GIS—Geographical Information System
GPS—Geographical positioning system that establishes mapping coordinates for locating facilities on mapping systems.
ISO—Independent System Operator
IVR—Interactive voice response system that is typically the front end interface to an outage management system for incoming outage calls
Internet Based Metering System—An advanced metering system capable of delivering information in real time over the Internet
Negawatt—A megawatt of power avoided or saved from use on the energy grid
Outage Management System—A system for collecting and processing power outage events occurring on a utility’s distribution network
PUC—Public Utility Commission
RTO—Regional Transmission Organization
Real-time Pricing—An energy pricing model that governs energy purchases based on the real time cost of energy
SCADA—Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System
Time of Use—Time sensitive pricing of energy based on the time of day the energy is used